Kizimkazi is known throughout Zanzibar for its dolphins. Located in the far south and looking away from the open sea, it seems to have perfect conditions for dolphin schools in different sizes. Once you get on boat and drive out, the chance to see these elegant animals is almost 100%. The locals know exactly where to look for them and how to find them. Every morning cars, taxis and small buses with tourists reach the beach in Kizimkazi to go on “Dolphin Tour”.
However, these tours are mostly quite ugly and quickly. Tourists are getting on board, jump a few times into the water and brought back.

Since we are having our own boat, we can take our time with our guests. We try to be with the dolphins when the tourist boats are not yet or no longer on site. So there is the possibility to swim with the dolphins and to accompany them while breathing air.
If we sail with our dhow, it may even happen that the dolphins come directly to the boat and accompany us.