dhow sailing

On the east coast of Zanzibar, there are tons of white sand and long beaches, hardly any islands, and the open sea is just behind the offshore reef. In the region around Kisimkasi are in contrast, many smaller islands which are mostly uninhabited. Some are just sandbars that disappear almost completely during the flood. Others are overgrown with dense mangrove and accommodate a variety of wildlife. Many of these islands are used by fishermen as an extract points.
With our own dhow you can take smaller and bigger tours in the waters around Kisimkasi. A skipper sails you to islands and coral reefs for swimming, exploring and snorkeling. On request he takes out a grill and prepares fresh seafood for lunch.

If a day trip on the boat is too long, you might want to meet our one- to two-hour “Sunset Tour” in the evenings. A sailing trip to relax. Let go off the day with the setting sun and the waves of the Indian Ocean.